Sunday, February 10, 2008

Off2 On2

The last time I blogged about On2 I became the subject of a tirade of flames from day traders who were hyping the stock. So, here goes again...

The reality is that this company, who provide the core encoding codecs for Flash video, is built on sand. Their codecs suck (albeit slightly less than predecessor Sorensen's) and H.264 (MPEG4) is on its way. (If you want proof check any Flash video site (YouTube, iPlayer) against Single Malt TV, for example.)

What Flash video needs more than anything is to improve the quality of its encoding and support for H.264 is laudable. However, a press release from Adobe doesn't necessarily mean that they can technically support the codec at the moment. I've been hearing all kinds of horror stories from people trying to implement the technology.

So, for now we're stuck with blurryvision... But, it's On2 today, gone tomorrow...

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