Monday, October 11, 2010

Crash! The sound of convergence

Well, apologies dear readers. It's been awfully quiet on IPTV Times recently, largely due to workload and a whole bunch of new initiatives, deals, investments and agreements TV Everywhere and it's companies will be announcing shortly.

But the TV industry is finally realizing it has to move at Internet speed, and this is having a phenomenal impact. That awful word 'convergence' all of a sudden sounds like a loud crash fracturing these industries and tearing them apart.

In the UK traditional TV companies like Five are having to learn new realities and economies, and, as we have long predicted on this blog, the Americans have arrived at the shores, cheque book in hands.

You're as likely to see the words Goole and Facebook in a media article about TV now as you are the traditional players, but Hulu has proven that there is gold in them bits...

Many more thoughts on these and other issued will return shortly as we resume normal service......