Monday, June 27, 2011

The Failure Of Video Management Companies

The video platform game seemed, once upon a time, to be a gold mine. I formed and built a company called Web Channels, which sort of became Narrowstep, a public US company). In the meantime I watched companies like theplatform (top guys who sold out to Comcast), Roo Media (now, huberisitcally, called KIT Digital), Brightcove, Ooalya, Kyte, and most obnoxiously 'shareware' purveyors Kaltura and JW/Bits on the Run, who, sort of, pretend to be open source whilst fleecing clients.

But no one seems to be making any money. Being in Deadwood and having the shovels once seemed to be a sound business plan. Now, it's a rock round the neck of these businesses.

But major corporations are still willing to engage with massively loss making companies and carry the risk of working with these failed business models. Would they hire an almost bankrupt web company, ad agency or lawyer ?

Those of us running highly profitable video platforms get few credits for doing this, but one day the credit will run out and content owners should know who it's safer to be with - Germany or Greece...

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