Sunday, April 28, 2013

Why Is TV Like Operating Systems ?

I grew up in the mountains of Wales. We couldn't receive English radio, so we listened to Irish and Manx broadcasts (which made my musical tastes different - I discovered Springsteen in 79). And they worked 24 x 7.

Television, yes, we got a set around '72 and a colour one around a decade later. We had to put an aerial wheeey up the mountain with boxes called 'boosters' so that we could see anything but snow. And it worked 24 x 7 (unless a wild goat ate the cable).

And then came cable and satellite and digital and it seems that television is hugely fragile, and that IPTV is even worse. Why do things only sometimes work ?

Orange TV in Paris is a joke. It is a service used by millions, but barely works and goes down almost daily. Fibre is meant to deliver a 120Mbps but gives 3 or 4Mbps. The service, interface and remote is laughable compared to TV services from the past. And the stupid French pay for this because the alternatives are so bad.

In London we have Virgin Media, which seems down every time I visit. It was down for three days on a previous visit and for two evenings this week, and the Tivo system is a bad joke in terms of UI and functionality. but we put up with it because we are in a conservation area and not meant to have aerials or sat dishes...

Meanwhile here in Wales we get 2Mbps in the dead of night and 14Kbps on a Sunday night from those superstars at Sky. At least the telly works most of the time, but only for linear channels.

The Brits make the French seem sensible. We are gullible idiots...

So, the world has gone backwards. just like Mac OS and Win 8, nothing works properly. And we pay these idiotic companies a fortune...