Brave New World

I woke up this morning and the world seems to be a different place. The FT is full of stories about the Carphone Warehouse's free broadband offer, as well as the story that Disney is putting its content online. Cisco have announced that they want to own the living room, which will be news to the likes of Comcast, DirectTV/Sky and Microsoft, who already think they do.

All kinds of non traditional players are entering the space. Intel and AMD, as well as Cisco's ambitious plans for the living room after its acquisition of set top box manufacturer, Scientific Atlanta.

The interesting link in all of these stories is content and how the content will be delivered. There are clear opportunities for the wholesaling of content - competing with the big guys on distribution will be a tough ask as companies such as Akimbo have already found out.

It all bodes very well for Narrowstep as we move to deliver content across all kinds of platforms and devices, enabling the content owners and the content distributors to do business together.


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