Brussels Sprouts

Once more the bureaucrats from Belgium have sent shivers down the backs of the media world with a threat to regulate online media in the same way as offline media.

I remember when they wanted to ban cookies (of the web variety) until someone pointed out that the web didn't work without them.

Now I consider myself an European and think that a more united Europe is a good thing. But the protectionist archaic regime where many important decisions are made by non-elected and often corrupt Commissioners. Why not create a true level playing field in agriculture or financial services ? No, that's too difficult..

But the reality is, the EU proposals are utterly unworkable, just like the ban on gambling in the US has resulted in the world's largest gambling market.

After all, the weather's pretty good in Antigua, and those nice people in Ukraine aren't averse to a bit of inward investment.

The European Commission needs to learn that it lives in a global market.