Dreaming of Devices

I'm writing this post on my mobile phone on a plane.

But is it a mobile phone ? It has more functionality than any PC I owned up to six years ago (and it crashes just like a PC..).

I can IM, send and receive emails, check my diary, watch Narrowstep channels, make presentations, check the sales figure and our share price. It's a bit slow and not really very good as a phone, but it fits nicely in my jacket pocket and I've stopped carrying my laptop with me a fair amount of the time.

It begs the question - 'what is it?'. TVs now come as PCs with cinema size LCD screens, phones have the capabilities of MP3 Players and game consoles and you can browse the web from your game console.

The answer, IMHO, is 'who cares?'. I love having all of these great gadgets and they're all morphing into the same thing.

My prediction for the future.... A handheld device that is also an MP3 player, a phone and a remote control and a credit card and a box for the home that fulfills all of your domestic entertainment needs. The trick then is getting rid of all those pesky wires....