No Standards for MCE

We've been grappling with Windows Media Centre Edition over the past few weeks and found some horrible incompatibilities when trying to deliver a video service. However, Microsoft provided the following helpful guide which, for the benefit of anyone else who might be developing for the platform, I relay here:

Basically you deal with 3 different versions in the UK (of course with interim updates):

· Media Center Edition 2004 (codename Harmony): This was the first one introduced in the UK and without knowing the exact numbers (I expect Chris has these) the number of sold units of this one should be rather low. Unfortunately many of these (if not all – not known exactly) are noupdateablele to later versions as this was OEM-dependent.
· Media Center Edition 2005 (codename Symphony): This version can be updated to the next version (Update Rollup 2 below) and only few of these should remain though the Windows Update is only “Recommended” and thereby not being pushed out to all users.
· Media Center Edition 2005 with Update Rollup 2 (codename Emerald): The current version. If you are building anything using .NET then do it based on NET Framework 1.1 as that is the one supported by this version.

So now you know!