Slingbox Blues

Some time ago I pointed out to FIFA that many people were using Windows Media Encoder on their home machines to retransmit football matches. These were then being shared using WinAmp creating a virtual streaming network.

This morning it's been announced that UEFA, the European soccer governing body, has obtained an injunction against those offering this as a paid for service.

This may bode badly for Slingbox as they seek to enter the European market by compromising users' ability to watch their home content when they're away from home over IP.

However, the words 'blot' 'gone' 'stable door' and 'horse' come to mind.

UEFA should start to implement its official policy of not letting broadband rights be tucked in the top drawer by broadcasters who don't fancy competition from online and don't want to tackle TV over IP themselves.

As the music industry has found, it's best to embrace change and to go with your consumers rather than be stuborn and try and jail them all.....