Walking On Thin Ice

As all the majors rush to make their content available online in response to the opportunity laid down by Google to make video available via their portal, the company's video service remains rife with copyright infringements that should make most tv and sports execs very uncomfortable.

Check out this video on Google, for example, which manages to break copyright on the event, on the coverage and on the music used.

This shows the difficulty of policing a system where you cannot use traditional search (there is no technology that I know of that could sport Pink Floyd's 'Welcome to the Machine' on the soundtrack, let alone identify the video as a football match). With text this is easy; there's even software that can do this for images with a reasonable amount of success, but the ability to do this with video images is still a pipe dream.

So the only answer is to police, which leaves services such as Google Video and You Tube open to abuse and prosecution.

As I understand the law in the UK, the ISP is in this case liable for the content on their server, and this probably stands in many other jurisdictions around the world.

Expect storm clouds ahead.