Back to the Future

When you're commenting on the future, it's difficult to see yourself as part of it, but I did just that last night, by going back to my past.

Along with several thousands of other aging rockers, I attended a Journey concert. It was as tribal as they come and the popularity of thirty old rock bands would probably be nowhere today if it wasn't for the internet.

This particular tribe had beer bellies, balding long hair and denim, leather and tour t-shirts a plenty (but enough about me...). Members of global tribes look the same and act the same, no matter where they are. Rockers in Helsinki look the same as rockers in Buenos Aires, surfers in Maui and St Ives will sport the same fashions and talk in the same way.

We live in global communities and, soon, television will reflect this. I'm just looking forward to Journey - The TV Station.