Cablevision Carry the Flag

Most people would find the concept of having to delete all of their content from their hard drive once a week a difficult one to comprehend. Indeed, music download services which work in this way have proved to be significantly less successful than download services such as iTunes.

But this is exactly what the Hollywood studios are asking broadcasters to do.

The studios and producers do not want permanent storage of their content on the broadcasters' servers - even when the broadcaster has paid for the rights and would have to pay to reuse the content (and there are plenty of companies out there offering rights management software and services).

Thankfully, New York based cable company Cablevision are fighting back and have filed a countersuit against the suit brought against them by the studios.

Why, oh why do the content owners have to be cajoled into the future so stubbornly. They resisted with music, they resisted with downloads and now they're resisting with 'always on' services. Eventually, as we have seen before, they will have to give way.