More Brussels Sprouts

Politicians just can't resist the temptation to interfere can they ?

The latest is that the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels want to impose pan European regulations on online video, requiring, for example, that half all content should be produced in the EU (which would put services such as Google Video and Youtube in a bad place).

To their credit, the UK regulatory authority, Ofcom, is strongly resisting these ridiculous proposals, which would merely serve to drive content offshore. At Narrowstep we'd press a button and all our traffic would be come an American service.

The biggest irony is that the EU call their efforts 'Television Without Frontiers' - apparently with a straight face. They're about to learn the real meaning of those words.


Anonymous said…
Hi, you ought to let Ofcom know that. They have not been contacted by any SMEs to say that these proposals would be an issue for them, all they have heard from is the usual bunch of ISPs etc complaining (rightly) about this Directive.
Iolo Jones said…
I think it's time companies like Narrowstep engaged with Ofcom, so I'll take up on your suggestion. Thanks.