Recycling News

The joint AOL and Warner Bros online initiative, In2TV, has announced that it is resurrecting unsuccessful - or past their sell by date - TV series online.

This is an interesting extension to the narrowcasting concept and could see series like Deadwood and the West Wing, which have a massive following, but poor primetime ratings, becoming online pay-per-view brands in their own right (as opposed to TV on IP being just another distribution medium for reruns of 'Lost').

The challenge of creating a new brand is handled by the mainstream media, then the 'long tail' effect kicks in as programmes decline in their popularity, leaving a Global Tribe (see posts passim) of viewers who may well prove to be just as lucrative to the content producer. Certainly, they will extend the shelf life and maximise the content yield for the producer, and the fans get to continue watching their favourite shows. A real win-in for TV on IP.