Tivo Sees the Light

Announcements this week from Tivo about its 'internet video' strategy with a list of names who will make their channels and services available. TivoCast finally sees the DVR manufacturer tackle what should be a very obvious market.

Worrying though is the statement from the company:

'"Television is still the preferred platform for watching video," Tara Maitra, TiVo's vice president and general manager for programming, said in a statement. '

Whereas this may be true for now, Tivo really seems to miss the point - there is no longer any difference between a PC screen and a TV screen.

As ever, Tivo is trying to be an interim solution in a market where they could become the de facto box in the living room. Meantime, Microsoft are about to come on strong with MCE and Vista.

However, in the spirit of making content available anytime, any place on any device, Narrowstep will soon be knocking on Tivo's door.