Top 10 Narrowcasting Channels that don't Exist...Yet!

I thought I'd list my favourite ideas for making money from broadband TV. The rule is always 'identify your audience first and make sure you can reach them; then figure out the content and technology.

Before anyone comments, I know that there are various versions of the suggestions below with short clips on websites out there, but what I'm hoping for is a full-on TV experience, like Cycling TV:

1. Jazz TV - obvious, really..
2. Country & Western TV - again, niche music
3. Classic Rock TV - for the baby boomers who still like to headbang
4. Lacrosse TV - yes I know a version exists, but it's not telly..
5. Swimming TV - hugely popular, dreadfully undercovered
4. Museums TV - open the archives of the world's museums to everyone
5. Film School TV - all those films you have to study available on demand in your dorm
6. Indian Classical Music TV - there are loads of Indian Channels out there, so specialist is the only way to go
7. Polish TV - aimed at the expat audience in the UK
8. Rugby TV - please!!!
9. Cricket TV - some coverage, but nothing approaching a comprehensive service for Brits in the US
10. Civil War TV - covering the period in US history that many people are obsessed with

Any other ideas ?