Children's Hour

Watching morning TV in London or New York you'd be forgiven for thinking that the population of the US or the UK consist of anything apart from Wall St Bankers and under fives, but the reality is that early morning and late afternoon kiddy TV slots are no longer lucrative and several plans to launch children's channels by S4C and ITV, amongst others in the UK, have been shelved in the recent past.

It's widely expected in the UK that advertising to children will becoming increasingly regulated, challenging the commercial viability of anything apart from the taxpayer funded BBC children's channels.

This may be the first mainstream genre to become more prevalent on IP than on the traditional broadcast airwaves. It will also be a refuge for advertisers like McDonalds who will find it increasingly difficult to reach their target audience within the FCC/Ofcom regulated broadcast environment.

This content is perfect for the web and for the 'what's a TV?' generation.