Commercial Break

A quick commercial break as I once more plug my favourite company, Slingmedia.

I installed the mobile Sling Player on my Pocket PC and can now access my TV set from anywhere that has decent wifi or 3G connection. As ever with Sling, it's extremely well executed and works very well. It's going to be a great talking point at dinner parties and down the pub with my techy geek friends (both of them...).

They've also added my set top box to the list of devices supported by the Beta of Sling Player 1.3 for the PC. However, this hasn't improved the controls much since I'm not able to access the overlay on the video image to view the menus (even though I can control them on the screen). Next step is to change my composite connection to a SCART or SVHS to see if this improves this situation.

I've been thinking about the implication of this technology. Considering Channel 4 had to pull their simulcast feed in the UK this week due to clearance issues with rights on TV commercials, Slingbox really does throw the cat amongst the proverbial pigeons.

Indeed, so disruptive is this technology that I expect it will become regulated by the likes of the FCC and OFCOM to prevent feeds from crossing borders over IP.

Normal service will now be resumed