Long Time Coming

For four years I've been doing the rounds of the major ad agencies and media buyers - as well as countless major corporation - in a spurious attempt to try to get them to recognise the value of running TV commercials online.

Despite the fact that representatives from these agencies endlessly talk in the media and at trade events about how important the medium is, in reality they come up with endless excuses for not running their TV ads online. These include:

  • It's an untried medium
  • The online ads are run by the online team, who only have Flash banners available
  • The TV commercials haven't been cleared for online
  • Budgets are local, but the internet is global

In reality, the major agencies are dinosaurs - I've both worked and sold companies to them and very little has changed - and they much prefer the status quo.

Imagine having to report actual viewing figures on TV advertising the way you can with online advertising. Not only would it put most TV stations out of business, it would do the same for the agencies that support them.

With the news that Google are now stomping into this space with their video advertising product, the ad agencies are in danger of loosing out on a massive chunk of revenues. Perhaps now they'll put their monies where their mouths are..