Thick 'N Fast

No, not the name of my new ice cream parlour, but the state of the TV over internet market at the moment.

Announcements are coming from all directions on new ventures and initiatives. Apparently MTV are going to give their viewers (are they still viewers if they're the program makers ?) their own channel where they can upload content. The upload phenomenon seems to have really taken off in the US, but all my experience is that it's less successful in Europe. Must be something to do with surpressing self-expression. Anyway, a nice way for MTV to extend their business model of making money from content they get given for free.

The BBC is going into Vodcasts with a downloadable round up of the week's news.

And there's a whole bunch of new and existing companies attracting dot com levels of investment, from Aggregator in the UK to Limelight Networks in the US.

AOL acquired Lightningcast; Comcast buy theplatform.

I can hardly keep up. It feels like 1999 all over again.