News that Brightcove has extended its free trial to the end of the year after initially planning to charge (or take a steep revenue share of up to 65%) from August.

There's no doubt that the company has run a brilliant PR campaign and has signed some impressive trials, but that's all they are, trials.

Will large scale content owners be willing to hand over half or more their advertising income to a third party, or will they want to operate their own services ?

Technically, Brightcove also has challenges; Flash does not scale well in a live video environment according to all I have seen and heard and the DRM control in Microsoft's Janus is the best on the market and the only real option for large scale DRM deployment, even Real Networks have now adopted Windows DRM for their Rhapsody service.

Certainly, Brightcove present a good option for a trial, but they are not anywhere near as comprehensive as theplatform or Narrowstep in their product offerings at present and they will need deep pockets to see their business model into profitability.