Media Dinosaurs Predict Own Extinction (Not)

More ridiculous commentary from journalists (that dying breed that used to mediate what we needed to know before blogging arrived) who are doing an unbelievably bad job of covering TV 2.0.

On top of the banal coverage of papers such as The Sunday Times in the UK with their relentless plugging of Google, BT and the BBC at the expense of a growing and vibrant sector, now the Wall St Journal point out what a total disaster MTV Overdrive (MTV's online video service) is because it 'only' attracts 4m unique viewers a month.

Notwithstanding that I believe that this figure is measured using third party cookies and is therefore inflated in itself, this is totally and absolutely missing the point.

In the world of TV 2.0 four million viewers is exceptional and only the top 1% of channels or services will get anywhere near this level of viewing, just as only a handful of magazines reach this circulation.

They just missed the real story, which is that all channels are going to have to cope with 'slivercasting'.

The real dinosaurs in all of this are the correspondents who are missing the story of their own extinction.