Microsoft (Gasp) - My New Favourite Company

Imagine running a corner store - OK a chain of corner stores - and realising that the changes a massive confectionery company is making to their new, best ever chocolate bar isn't going to work for your customers.

It would be a tough ask to get them to change.

However, my recent experience with Microsoft has been the opposite of this. Narrowstep has, for some time, had a good relationship with the company whose technologies it exclusively uses, but we were alarmed (posts passim) to find that elements such as server side playlists (SSPL) were quietly being dropped for OSes such as Windows Mobile, MCE and Vista as well as for Players such as WMP 11.

A couple of meetings and conference calls, and several lengthy emails later and I'm delighted to report that (this is where the gasp goes) Microsoft not only listened, but went out and addressed these issues.

The good news is that now most of these platforms do or will be able to support schedules and dynamic advertising creating a far richer user experience.

Hurrah for the ex-evil empire!