TV Technology Watch

I don't blog very often about the component that is as key to TV 2.0 as it was to TV 1.0 - the screen.

Now, new developments are on the way that may cause as much of a revolution as the advent of plasma and LCD screens.

The first technology comes from Switzerland and enables real colours to be used on a screen. This may sound strange for those of you who, for the past four decades, have watched TV in colour. But, current TV pictures are made up for a large number of red, green or blue dots (plus black and white definitions in some cases). Apparently, this new technology allows for much more realistic colour representation.

At the same time, Dutch electronics giant Philips is launching a 3D TV that enables you to continue viewing in 3D whilst moving around a room. The initial application for this technology is going to be at the point of sale, not the consumer's home.

Expect ever more realistic pictures on a screen near you.