Writing It Down

A report in the Wall St Journal today showed up just how - and I use this word advisedly - stupid journalists are about TV 2.0.

In the UK the Sunday Times slavishly follows anything Google, BT and the BBC spins them and ignores the real exciting developments going on out there. The other UK papers just don't bother. Business Week did a commendable job in following the sector a couple of years ago, but even they have fallen into the same myre as the turgid former textbook of the sector, Wired.

Back to the Journal and their story of how much a disaster MTV's online TV system, MTV Overdrive was because it attracted 'only' 4 million unique viewers a month.

A channel with 4 million viewers in the future will be amongst the most successful out there and MTV have done a technically decent job - at least they have since they ditched Flash video for Windows Media.

It's ironic that newspapers themselves are suffering from the same fragmentation and declining readership that their journalists are belittling. Well, the bloggers will do their job for them unless they get real.