Amazon Go Live With Downloads

As predicted on these pages, Amazon have launched their download service to an ever-crowding market. Some providers, such as CinemaNow are moving into movie distribution in a purer sense by signing films directly, and there's even talk of them providing financing for movie production.

I wish that I was a film student now rather than twenty years or so ago. Then trying to afford film stock, let alone getting any kind of distribution, was a tough ask. Now a thousand pounds of equipment and CinemaNow could bring me a level playing field where talent is the only barrier to success.

Lots gets written about the technology that is driving the changes in the entertainment industry, but one element that is often ignored is that of craft. You still need good cameramen, directors and make-up artists. I started my career in special effects that are laughable compared to what can be done now on an laptop. The skills levels get ever higher and new skills, such as coding and online marketing are added to the mix of skills required.

In an age where we can all be movie moguls, quality will tell.