I wake up on January 1st 2020, what does the TV world look like ?

First of all, the concept of storage devices such as the PSP or video iPod are hilarious. All content is available at any time, wherever you are in the world.

If you own content it lives either virtually (if you're a cheapskate), pointing to the content you like, or in files in your online vault if you're a real dinosaur.

Your online vault contains around twenty thousand movies and music albums that you're interested in and you can edit and compile your own content from any of them. you can add to it with a simple click from hundreds of thousands of websites.

Indeed, some movies and lots of ads are made up of short clips you can use in your movies and programming.

Content is largely sorted by you and your friends, not by what used to be called 'broadcasters'. Indeed,all broadcaster do is run servers and portals with content suggestions that organise a world where 10,000 programmes are created every day.

However, there are priorities in cyberspace and spending $500k is going to be more effective than $5k, but which will see the greatest return.

Well, it will depend on the value of a general audience over a specialist audience. And that's the final key...