What's In A Name ?

The release of a new domain tomorrow, .mobi, will no doubt lead to a new feeding frenzy.

My initial thought when the domain was announced, is why couldn't they use .m ? The fewer letters you have to type on a phone keyboard, the better.

When Narrowstep started in business almost five years ago, pretty much every .tv name was available (the names are purchased from www.tv - which is administered on behalf of the sinking islands of Tuvalu in the South Pacific. Ironically, amongst one of the few places on earth where bandwidth constraints don't allow for watching internet TV.

Now, finding a meaningful name for your online TV station is getting tougher, so expect a lot more silly names (there are also good legal reasons for silly names, since they are easier to register).

The easy solution is to use a subdomain such as tv.mycompany.com, or even m.mycompany.com