The Wholesale Video Market

NBC today opened its doors to syndicating its content. The online video world is gradually splitting between wholesalers such as NBC and distributors (or retailers) such as Google Video, MySpace and Youtube - a very similar model to the one followed by the music industry.

With new download services being announced daily, for once cosnumers are lagging behind the marketplace as more and more big names try to take smaller and smaller cuts of a not-very-big pie.


Anonymous said…
Why don't content owners devise their own site that can handle e-distribution? As far as I can tell, do people really need aggregators of content? Why doesn't NBC develop a "Seinfeld" site if they own the property and allow people to directly download old episodes there for $1.00 or whatever makes sense. The content owners can be much more creative and know the material much better and can prob package/deliver it more effectively?

I still don't understand why the studios don't completely disintermediate by offering downloadable films off their own library from their website. Lion's Gate for example could just link it to its current website? Why not develop streaming channels as well instead, like the Lion's Gate channel or the MGM channel that streams over the web older movies with ad placements?