A Convenient Truth

I finally had an opportunity to watch Al ("the guy who used to be America's next President") Gore's movie, an Inconvenient Truth. It's a very clever piece of film-making that manages to forcefully drive home the global warming message and paint its presenter as, well, presidential..
(It was somewhat ironic that I was watching the move in a gas guzzling airplane over the Atlantic.)

There aren't many politicians who I have time for, whatever their views, but even if Gore did not 'invent the internet' as he once claimed, he was certainly instrumental in its success as he resisted attempts to regulate and tax it when he was Vice President; he is also credited with coining the term 'information superhighway'. His work with Current TV shows how savvy he is about where we're all going.

Like many politicians he is clearly self-serving and I remember his wife, Tipper, for her campaign against backwards messages in heavy metal records from my youth, so he comes with baggage, but I hope he does chose to run for President in three years.

A world leader who's a dot com entrepreneur and wants to save the earth rather than bomb it. Now that would be a novelty...