Mashing It Up

It's the latest buzzword - mashing, or the combination of a number of online applications in one interface. First coined when San Francisco based developer Paul Rademarcher combined listings from Craig's List with Google Maps to show where the various properties available were.

The web of the future is going to be about small, interactable applications that users can combine easily. And the virtual world of the desktop may become the virtual world of Second Life, where there are already real world transactions going on, and even the news that Reuters have a full time correspondent in the virtual world.

Already Yahoo and Google have released a wide range of widgets that you can combine into a web page or on a desktop.

Adding video to these environments is high on the Narrowstep agenda and already we've released a way of syndicating out 24 x 7 channels to web pages using a simple piece of code; try this:


Anonymous said…
Iolo, this post seems to finish prematurely; where is the code?