Old Media Swimming With The Fishes

So, Google are on a charm offensive to convince traditional media companies that media companies of the future won't look like, er... Google!

The reality is what media companies do is deliver eyeballs to advertisers (and as a secondary activity take subscriptions from readers and viewers for informing and entertaining them).

Google are like the Mob. They've muscled in at the top end of this supply pyramid and are so powerful that the more old media companies do, the more they benefit Google, thus reinforcing their position of strength and weakening the role of both media companies and ad agencies.

They are far more virtual than traditional media companies, who have to worry about content, editorial, production; Google are totally virtual by comparison. The media companies do the hard work and Google reaps the benefits; they have become the footsoldiers of Web 2.0 and TV 2.0.

They should be fighting and acting, not collaborating, but Google seem to have the monopoly on vision and ambition.