Waiting for the IMP

The clock is ticking down to the launch of the BBC's new iPlayer (or IMP).

Here's a sneak preview:

The key for the BBC is to:

1) Make sure that all their content is held in this content - there are currently all kinds of different players and context across their website and finding video content is nigh-on impossible.

2) Improve the quality! Webcasting at 10 - 30Kbps is really not good enough (when it works at all). I hope that the production process has been more tightly integrated into the delivery channels.

The new Player looks clean and well designed and features browsing (VoD), search and download functions (but no schedules).

It does seem to veer towards the over-complicated and fussy, like many new online video players (see NBC's recent attempt).

Unusually, it is one of the few Player which have not tried to emulate Narrowstep's original Player design and functionality almost directly. How I wish we'd patented that !