All Change..

So, the chads, sorry... votes, are all in and the Democrats have taken control of both houses of congress.

What effect this this likely to have on the world of internet TV ?

Overall, I believe this is a positive development since Democrats have always been more internet-friendly than GoP - perhaps ironically so.

The major impact is likely to be on net neutrality, where the status quo is now likely to be maintained, by legislation if necessary. This is good for the service providers and potentially bad for carriers.

There will also be less of a tendency to control and tax, both good things as regulators take a long, hard look at the rise of internet TV. The one exception to this may be the use of TV commercials online.

More significant for listed companies like Narrowstep is the likelihood that provision 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley with its ridiculous requirements will be watered down making it easier for smaller companies to tap the public markets in the US rather than London.