Television Given Frontiers

So, the sprouts in Brussels have watered down their ludicrous, anti-market 'Television Without Frontiers' proposals, but what we're left with is a travesty in any free market.

Listen to this - if you're a TV station you can only have one break in a 30 min news programme. Theoretically this applied to CNN as much as it does to TV5 and Sky News, but you can bet your bottom dollar that this will again benefit our 'friends' across the sea and screw European interests.

By the same measure channels that look like TV and download sites are now to be regulated whereas the Youtubes of this world, with their copyright infringements and porn will be left to their own devices.

Not that most of the people who voted for this have ever used a PC, let alone seen anything to do with TV 2.0. What a world...