Mac TV Attack

So Apple has finally launched its video strategy at CES and shown its already announced iTV box that is capable of streaming video from a Mac to a TV. I think Ian Fogg from Jupiter Research has it right when he says:

"Broadband could become a trojan horse that enables companies like Apple to compete with cable TV companies and DSL providers that want to offer TV as well. Companies like NTL have an existing TV business, which is facing new competition. BT has a plan for TV and Sky has moved into broadband too. If Apple can deliver movies and TV easily, then that could be a big problem for them. By announcing iTV well in advance of its release, something the firm rarely does, Apple is building momentum as it seeks deals with more movie studios."

Steve Jobs' other job on the Board of Disney hardly hurts, I'd guess.

If Apple can even partially replicate the runaway success of the iPod they're going to be very well placed, but my bet is that this is a niche product for a niche market. Just before Christmas I bought an all singing all dancing PC for £179 - that's set top box pricing.