Hello Philo

New applications in the internet TV space are coming thick and fast - there's Joost, Microsoft with their WPF/E and now Adobe are rumoured to be about to launch a 'killer app'.

Philo (named after the American co-inventor of the TV) is an aggregated service that uses RSS feeds to compile videos from different sources into a single interface. A kind of 'MyTV' for the internet.

There's no word on when this will be released, but this is likely to impact the business models of aggregators such as Roo, Joost and Brightcove if it does become a released product. It will also threaten video search services such as Blinkx and Dabble.

This is a potentially risky move for Adobe, who have, to date, largely been a provider of tools to the creative industry.

It's interesting that companies such as Akamai and Adobe are increasingly being tempted by vertically integrating their services, essentially competing with their own customers.