Roo Go P2P

Roo Media have announced thast they've bought P2P company Wurld Media. I suspect that this is more for the distribution that Wurld provide rather than for the technology, although they may have fallen for the P2P bug. However, this is surprising since Roo charge their customers very high bandwidth fees - are they trying to reduce costs, since they buy retail rather than wholesale (I don't believe they have their own CDN), or is this more strategic ? A cynic would say that they're buying turnover, but I think this is a smart move (see past posts re P2P).


Matt Hendry said…
Wurld Media own LX Systems which is a p2p CDN technology and can lower the costs of distribution .

They also have experince with DRM ,on demand content delivery and consumer billing with their Peer Impact product (Peer Impact also uses the LX technology) .

This is not about the content deals that Peer Impact has because many companies already have those same content partners.
Iolo Jones said…
I actually pointed to distribution deals, not content deals - as well as the technology of course, where Roo have been traditionally weak. Thanks for the additional info.