Ad Stupid

There's nothing quite like a totally stupid business idea that takes in the media.

Spotrunner is such a service; basically it's a load of pre-shot ads that you can manually change and then book into various tv stations. Those of you who, like me, grew up a long time ago will remember Pearl & Dean and their localised cinema ads. In a world where video production costs next to nothing the concept is preposterous..

With the arrival of WPF/E the opportunities to build personalised ads raises considerably and far more intelligently.

Other companies such as Visible World are already trying to tackle this sector with no effect - they are the ultimate proof that clever technology isn't profitable technology.

The ability to generate bespoke ads goes totally against the very ethos of tv advertising which is brand building. Run a banner ad alongside that makes a commercial offer for godsakes... But, the work being undertaken by ITV Local in the UK in allowing people to generate and placed their own ads shows the way these services should go.