Advantage Google

So, Google have succeeded in their bid for Doubleclick.

Since Doubleclick had already rolled up pretty much all of the online ad booking market (Faulk, TangoZebra, etc..), this means that Google is approaching a monopoly of online advertising. Great news if you're a Google shareholder, but dreadful news for the advertising world.

It's even worse news for Microsoft, who will now have to build an advertising model from the bottom up - something that they've always struggled with. The worst aspect of this for Microsoft (and a gaping strategic error on their behalf in my view) is that they no longer have any real presence within ad agencies, where Macs and Flash are prevalent, nor media agencies, who all use Doubleclick's DART online display ad booking system.

If ever a deal should be looked at by the anti-competition authorities, this is the one. But my guess is that Google's stealthy lock on global advertising market will continue to grow unabated.