Flight To Quality

Well, after years of using Archos products I switched (largely because the battery life of my little 100GB Archos is now about three songs long...) and bought a video iPod this week and the results have been disastrous.

How does anyone put up with this sound quality? Try and play the same 320Kbps MP3 track in Windows media and then in Tunes on a PC and the difference is as great as that between Windows Video and Flash Video at 1Mbps. The quality of playback from an SD card on my Windows Mobile phone is miles better than the iPod.

So, the iPod is going back to where it came from and I'm going to buy another Archos or Creative device. How do 100 million people put up with this rubbish sound ? Apple are a total triumph of marketing over technology.

There are plenty of reasons to knock Microsoft, but the quality of both audio and video output on their platforms is not one of them.