Keeping Good Company

Narrowstep has just finished transmitting a live show with the prime Minister of Spain, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and Segolene Royal, one of the frontrunners in the French presidential elections. We've also done live internet shows with Tony Blair and the Dutch Prime Minister, Jan Peter Balkenende. Amazing what company you keep at the bleedin' edge of technology.

However, with US primaries a heartbeat away, there's little doubt that internet TV and video will be a massive part of the campaigning over the next few years. If the last campaign was fought over disinformation and blogs, the next one will be fought by disinformation and web tv.

Expect lots and lots of bogus, disparaging user generated videos and lots of dull campaign videos uploaded to YouTube (Hillary's already firmly on this one). Meanwhile, the only leading US politician that truly 'gets it' (see Current TV), Al Gore seems ready to sit this one out.

The hubris of politicians and the need for governments at all levels to outreach mean that the governmental sector will become a busy one for companies like Narrowstep in the future. Today the Elysee, tomorrow the White House...


Iolo, thanks por pointed out the live event of the political meeting held in France. Maybe many people do not realize yet on how media world is changing. But the fact that a political meeting held in Touluse is sent to Madrid -VivoCom offices- vía Satelite, and then decoded and encoded by Vivocom and distributed to the whole world vía the powerful telvOS(tm) by Narrowstep is a good indicator that something really important is going on. Media business has come out of Media Groups hands and it is over the world