The Land Of Smoke And Mirrors

Every day you read about Google. They're an extraordinary company who took someone else's business idea (just like Microsoft did in their time) and made it work for the next generation.

The reality of business in the Web/TV 2.0 world is that it's about being in the right place at the right time. In fact it's about maneuvering to the best position and then executing. Large companies become really bad at doing this, so they just buy the little guys who are great at this.

YouTube really were never any good compared to their erstwhile competitors, but somehow they got to the tipping point first.

Over and beyond the technology is the company that did the best marketing. Technology is incidental, as is delivery. Perception is, as they say, everything.

Every day I had to deal with requests for information (RFI) for pitches against companies that will happily lie about every single request, win a contract and then ask the client to pay to bring the company up to the level they originally claimed.

I know this is a recurring theme of this blog, but I lived the same existence through the under-the-line ad network and then the web development eras. Charlatans would come along, lie and sell, and it was the clients who knew no better, who suffered.

A major handicap in this mad market..