The Talking's Over

Is it me, or, after an initial flurry, have this year's NAB and MIPTV been relatively muted affairs? Minor deal after minor deal have been announced (isn't it interesting how all purchasing decisions have now become 'partnerships'?), but nothing to set the world on fire. Perhaps it's just that everyone has stopped talking about 'doing internet tv' and are now doing it.

My colleagues at MIPTV report that, from Narrowstep being the only TV over IP technology provider at the show two years ago, the halls are now inundated with companies offering technologies, services and platforms.

Meanwhile at NAB, I'm reliably told that IPTV and internet TV are no longer seen as niche products, rather as an integral part of most new offerings from the TV technology companies.

I often compare the current TV over IP revolution with the dot com boom, and, as someone who was in the thick of it, this feels like 1998 all over again.