Meta Metadata

Metadata is becoming increasingly important in the online tv and IPTV world; indeed, it seems to be the only sensible way of aggregating video.

There are a number of technologies that are worth keeping an eye one. Naturally RSS and XML are extensively used for data interchange.

However a new breed of standards such as MPEG 7 are appearing and may have an impact, although previous attempts such as DAVIC failed miserably. In fact, MPEG 7 is not much different to SMIL 2, the 'standard' long used for scripting online multimedia. Early stage applications sch as an annotator from Frameline TV are beginning to appear.

Meanwhile, there is a move to try and standardise STB middleware. More details here.


Might be of your interest:

The European Audiovisual Observatory has just released an study showing that Europe enjoys of over 150 VoD Channels. 47 of them ar IPTV.