A Night In With Broadband

Hi, I'm Iolo and I'm an addict - I watch hours of telly every day and even have two honours degrees in telly, so ripping out the Sky connection was a painful experience chez Jones in Wales this week. At the moment builders are ripping the house to pieces, so there was little alternative, but this did result in an interesting experiment: life without traditional telly.

But, I quickly found my feet again on broadband. I watched a couple of on demand rugby games that I'd missed on Setanta's ridiculously difficult to find UK broadband service; for news, there's the BBC News 24 simulcast, as well as the ITN service on Media Centre, and then for a bit of drama, the download service offered by Five allowed me to watch an edition of CSI. In between I channelsurfed Vidzapper and caught up with some short form content.

Whereas the BBC, ITN and all Vidzapper channels are free, Setanta Broadband costs £9.99 (around $20) a month and Five downloads are .99p (around $2) each. Still, a decent night in with broadband TV cost me less pro rata than the approx £3 ($6) a day I pay for TV daily in London.

So, my little experiment proves that TV junkies can live by broadband alone...