Viva Espana!

Laid up with a cold in rainy Wales, last week's visit to a sunny, sweltering Madrid seems to be a distant memory, but nowhere does internet TV seem to be catching on faster.

The figures for the trial period of Telefonica's Terra TV are astounding and the channels built and operated by Narrowstep's Spanish partner, Vivocom seem to go from strength to strength. Channels operated by them include the Spanish Red Cross, the country's largest political party's channel, iPSOE, cities such as Sevilla and Cordoba and now an increasing number of channels for the marketing industry in Spain (translated from Vivocom's blog):

"The Spanish media and advertising market has put itself at the forefront of the global Internet TV market. The two most important Spanish associations for advertising and media have recently announced that they will launch internet TV channels in the next days thanks to their aggrement with VIVOCOM. The Association of Spanish Media (AMPE) will be doing live broadcasting through the Internet of the 38ยช AMPE Award Ceremony next may 17th from 19.00 (GMT+1) , and it will be seen at Canal Vivo! ( This live event will become a milestone in the history of the media association and one of most important Spanish media advertising awards.

Spanish Advertising Agencies Association,(AEAP)has announced his agreement with VIVOCOM to launch the IPTV channel for the most important Advertising Festival in Spain and Latin America. TheFestival El Sol Tv ( will be accessible from next May 24 with the first internet TV coverage of a Spanish advertising festival, including interviews, news reports, up to three daily live broadcast, etc. "

Technology companies such as Lambdastream are also appearing; the fact that almost a quarter of all Americans speak Spanish, as well as the majority of the rest of the Americas, with large displaced populations all speaking the same language, makes this a very significant market.