Caught In The Cache

No company is set to benefit more from the internet TV revolution than Cisco. The company is walking into a ready made market as corporates see a need to video enable their company networks. This isn't easy to do and CIOs will be concerned that video applications might bring down mission critical services. Caching and multicasting are two solutions, along with lots and lots of bandwidth for multicasting, and these are right up Cisco's street.

Therefore Cisco's investment in Israel based Oversi is significant. Oversi compete with companie such as CacheLogic in providing caching technology within the network layer, thus reducing the need to carry huge amounts of data. CacheLogic are rolling out their own CDN, whilst Oversi is more focused on products at present.

P2P is not a useful technology at high bandwidths due to the asynchronous nature of most domestic web connections, but network caching is likely to reduce bandwidth costs significantly.