Rolling Schedules

I've deliberated frequently on the role of the schedule in the future of television.

According to Narrowstep figures, the usage of schedules over video on demand remains high - around 3:1 viewers seem to prefer having their programming out together for them.

Clearly, short form video is encouraging 'point-and-click', but there is a substantial role for 'rolling' tv and its 24 x 7 schedules. The significance of this is going to become apparent as advertising kicks in - scheduled programming is far more successful at delivering more impressions than VoD (it's counter intuitive to most web companies who are used to visitor interaction increasing impressions - we're back to the 'lean forward, lean backwards' argument).

So, it's interesting to see a new listings service for internet tv stations - it's pisspoor at the moment, but nevertheless a significant development as the worlds of the web and television collide.