Mac Attack

The last post leads me to try and understand why MSN do not use their own company's technology and instead are happy to deliver a totally sub-standard experience (See AOL using Windows Media on Live8 - a total triumph for internet TV) using an Adobe technology instead.

The answer, of course, is Macheads. This totally insignificant online populace (actually not true, they're significant because ad agencies and design agencies use Macs and think the rest of the world are stupid for not doing likewise). They are the most vociferous pressure group in technology. They have everything in common with the NRA - intolerance, failure to compromise, and an utterly unreal attitude to the world. Just because the vast majority of people do not share their world view they think they are stupid and even sub-human. Such is the power of Steve Jobs' empire.

They're quite happy to install Flash, but not Windows Media, because it comes from the 'evil empire'. But they worship at the altar of the company that prevents anyone from playing anything on any device apart from their own.

So, the rest of us have to suffer Apple and Flash video because of 3% of the online population own Macs. If the gaming market worked in the same way it would be bankrupt by now.

Now, I feel I'm qualified to comment on this issue since I forked out around $8k for an Apple Lisa and owned all the early Macs, They lost me at the 3200c to a degree where I still break out in a sweat when I see a Mac.

Download WMP, get it to work, Macheads. It really is a million times better experience than Flash stuttervideo.

Yours faithfully, a reformed Machead...